Printmaking Methods: Intaglio

The group of year 10 Visual Art students are currently exploring printmaking methods in their Visual Study this term. They experimented with techniques of the Intaglio Dry-Point etching method and printed their own Forest snapshots. These etchings were completed in a double lesson and they used a variety of methods materials to add depth their work, including; sandpaper, masking tape, etching scribes and scalpels. This process allowed students to create depth to their etching by ‘incising’ grooves for the ink to seep into the acetate sheets. What wonderful explorations in such a short period of time.


Ms Kate Lymn


A New Breed of Colour

Year 6 students in first semester learnt about colour theory and applied this with their collograph colour prints of animals. They layered colours and animals in an attempt to create new animals. These were displayed in the Middle School Art Exhibition.

Ms Kate Lymn