Font Face

A class of year 9 Digital Media Students recently completed their Photoshop unit on using Font. Through this task they learnt about how to move and sculpt font. Here are a few of the portraits they created.Watermark636396421053127567

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Ms Lymn


Art VS Daily Life

This term, students in year 9 Multimedia have been exploring how Adobe Photoshop can be used to manipulate imagery. Students researched an artist who combines classical paintings within not so idyllic contemporary life. They investigated classical painters and combined figures from their paintings within everyday life in Adelaide. Images ranged from angels buying flowers in Rundle mall to kings and queens waiting to catch a tram.


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ms kate lymn

Things are not What They Seem

For the last few weeks the year 9 Digital Media students have been exploring the many ways in Adobe Photoshop to manipulate their imagery. They had the task of creating a poster advert for an existing product, however they were asked to manipulate this image to allude to the taste/feel/idea of the product on sale. Some students came up with creative ways to meld two items together for example a coffee which when sliced in half reveals a fig. This task was not only difficult and required higher order thinking, but also students became much more confident in using the software. Adrian,Caprile

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Ms Kate Lymn