More plant prints

Here are the latest Sofia Garden intaglio prints made by the second year 7 art class. What lovely use of texture.


Ms Kate Lymn


Peace Garden Prints

The first group of year 7 students that drew various plants in the Cabra Dominican Sisters Peace Garden have produced Intaglio prints of dry point etchings they created. They all teamed these prints with written diary entries of their experience using green ink and calligraphy pens. The students all loved the immediate effect of printing using the intaglio process and were amazed at the results. They also were quite interested in the technique of using calligraphy pens and some commented that “it was a lot easier than what I thought it was going to be”.


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Ms Kate Lymn

Peace garden drawing

More year 7’s have been drawing plants in the Cabra Sisters Peace garden today. Students commented:

“The experience was calming and relaxing for me. I loved all the smells coming from the plants”. Max

“I enjoyed the sweet sounds of birds chirping and little children laughing”. Brittany

“I loved exploring the garden and it is way bigger than what i first thought it was”. Hugh

“I felt nice and relaxed and didn’t feel rushed like i usually do at school”. Liam


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Ms Kate Lymn

Peace Garden drawing

A class of year 7 students today visited the Sophia Peace garden located at the Cabra Dominican Sisters Sophia Centre. This is a special garden as it commemorates those sisters that have passed and provides a peaceful environment for women who seek help at the Sophia centre. Students were encouraged to draw plants from this garden, which they will later create etchings of. Students also created diary entries of their experience:

“I loved it in the garden, it felt like I was in a magical world”. Lorena

“Drawing in Sophia Gardens was peaceful and it made me think and collect my thoughts about drawing this picture”. Alexia

Ms Kate Lymn