Stage 1 Visual Art

This term we have finished up the Stage 1 Visual Art group’s assessments. They all did tremendously well and showed such authentic approaches to our theme of ‘Multiplicity’ through the genre of portrait/figurative artwork. Some students approached this theme of multiplicity as being a duality of identity, commonality between animals and humans, a never ending ‘draft’ of identity’, transgender people,  or even as one student explored multiplicity as stepping into the ‘faces’ of famous beautiful celebrity women from the past. Such a wide variety of explorations and all so uniquely presented.


Thomas Grbin, ‘Draft’, 2015, Acrylic paint on canvas

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Ms Kate Lymn


Cabra Art & Design Show

Its that time of the year where subjects are wrapping up, exams are happening, and lots of fun things are on the go around the college. It is however the time where things are revving up in the Art department getting our senior Art students work up and on display. The exhibition will be a great way for parents, friends and also teachers to see the creative efforts of senior students at the school.

Ms Lymn