Place Banners

A group of year 7’s have recently completed a textile unit of work based on map Keys/legends of their own home surroundings. They used Google maps to locate places of interest in their own suburb and then created their own versions of symbols to identify these. The following banners are full of icons of their own suburbs and the surroundings that they are a part of.


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Ms K Lymn

It’s a Jungle Sometimes


This term a group of year 8 students have had the opportunity to learn the method of silk painting to create their own scarf artwork. The theme of this unit of work was inspired by the song ‘the message’ by the famous Hip Hop legend Grandmaster Flash. Students learnt about the time in which this song was created, and how it influenced the development of funk to hip hop in music history. The students created silk paintings that were engulfed in jungle imagery and combined these with subtle imagery of the reality of the song. Here are a few images of students working on their artworks

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Ms K Lymn

Embroidered Portrait

This term, a class of year 6 students have been learning about ways to embroider with specific reference to contemporary artists. They investigated and were inspired by Maurizio Anzeri, who creates very mathematical patterns of embroidery over photos of people. Students used their own portrait to embroider and some incorporated simple geometric patterns, flowers to beadwork. Students were able to apply skills that are often assumed as too difficult or beyond their generation and applied them within an artwork that was thoughtfully designed.


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Ms K Lymn

Endangered Flora

For the past 4 weeks year 7 students have been researching endangered flora from the Adelaide region. They researched why certain plants were slowly becoming harder to find i.e through introduced species of flora dominating their environment, animals, acidity of soil, loss of water areas, destruction of land, and urbanisation. They also researched about the plants significance to indigenous communities past and present.

Along with this investigation, students researched the work of Chris de Rosa who is a local printmaking artist. She based much of her work on her own habitat and the types of natural environment that she associates with. We looked at her hanky series whereby she focused on introduced flora being symbolic of her own migrant heritage.

Students made contemporary flora prints using foam board on tea-towels, in a way reminiscent of domesticity and our own heritage in Adelaide.


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SALA Excursion

During week 3 the year 6 students that have for the past term been creating textile hoops and sculptures for the SALA exhibition went on an excursion to visit their exhibition. They had cupcakes and biscuits to celebrate their efforts, were read the book “Where the Wild Things Are” one last time for Art, and also participated in an individual show and tell about their sculptures and what part of the book they were depicting. They all got to wear gold crowns like Max and were all enthusiastic to experience having their work displayed in a public space.

Congratulations on their tremendous efforts to celebrate the very special 50th anniversary of this book, well done!


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Ms Kate Lymn