The Story of the Bower Bird

The Bower Bird project was initiated as a way to create an Art installation that was reflective of the positive contribution Cabra students make to our community as well as interactive by students in the St Mary’s Unit. Each totem pole was created by small groups of 4/5 year 8 students and their aim was to describe the story of a Bower bird collecting objects for their nest. This is a natural instinct by male Bower birds to collect objects of one particular colour to attract a mate as their plumage is brown and unnoticable against the brown leafy haitat of the forest floor. The art students collaborated with the students from St Mary’s Unit to develop the stories of these birds and then they created ceramic components that reflected their groups narrative. These students also created artworks that are currently being integrated into an Ibook for public use. All students were enthusiastic and have shown a creative approach to this project.

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Ms K Lymn


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