Year 10 Soft Pastel

For the past couple of weeks my group of year 10 Art students have been looking at how composition affects images we produce and the aesthetics of harmony. In particular, students have been focusing on The Rule of Thirds and investigating how the placement of objects can create much more effective imagery for their artworks.

Students began by creating multiple ROT (Rule of Third) arrangements with the same set of objects and also identifying how this principle is used when critiquing advertising or professional photography. Students also were taught about how to use soft pastels as a medium and created practice drawings.

Rule of Third compositions

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Students were also asked to bring in objects from home to create their own ROT compositions for their final artworks. Students learnt about how to use a DSLR  camera, how to spotlight an arrangement and then how to edit their images using Photoshop.

Students then created A1 size Pastel drawings using coloured Canson paper as their ground. Here are a few of the artworks the year 10 students created.

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Ms Kate Lymn


One comment on “Year 10 Soft Pastel

  1. Anne Lymn says:

    fantastic artworks, excellent use of pastels!

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