Form of Abstraction

This term, two year 6 Art classes have been studying about Abstract Expressionist Sculptors and what were the ideas behind their artworks. Some of the artists we explored include; Jean Arp, Henri Moore and Alexander Calder. Nearly all work as been suspended from the ceiling beams in the Middle School Library, which encourages viewers to contemplate these abstract bent cane sculptures from different viewpoints. These installations will be on display until week 4, term 1.

The theme for this group of work was ‘deconstruction’ which in its most simplest of meanings is about taking apart an object/word/idea. The year 6 Art students were asked to find objects at home/school/internet and redraw them. They were then asked to choose one of their objects, look at a small part of it and create a repeating pattern. From these patterns they then created a design for their abstract sculpture that was ‘inspired’ by the original object.

The point of this exercise was to encourage students to see past what an object ‘should’ look like and start thinking about what are ‘signifiers’ or ‘symbols’ about what might give the viewer a clue as to what the object originally was. Some of the objects the students used as inspiration included: a surfboard, a TV, a soccer ball, a fish, a leaf, a sword, a sun etc.

Try and see if you can see any ‘clues’ to what these sculptures might have been inspired by.

Ms Lymn


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