Learning how to describe

The year 7 Art students have been developing their describing skills this term through their ceramic assignment.

They were initially given an image of a small portion of a contemporary painting by YDK Morimoe and were asked to answer a series of questions describing what they could see in this portion.

They then passed their description onto another student who then had the difficult task of interpreting their description by creating not only a 30 x 30cm ceramic tile with sculptural elements but also they then had to paint it according to the written description. Students were given some visual clues about the ‘feel’ of the brushwork and colours but most importantly the aim of the artwork was to develop their skills in describing. When they read a description of imagery their mind creates very individual versions based on what information they can draw upon, which in turn is a reflection of the nuances and subtleties the writer has actually observed. This skill is important fort Art students to ‘deconstruct’ and critically anlayse works of Art.

Here is the final ceramic mural of the ‘blind-remade’ artwork by the group of year 7 students.

Ms Lymn


One comment on “Learning how to describe


    Excellent to see how each student has “seen” the artwork!

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