Altered Books

This term 3 year 8 Art classes have been working on creating ‘Altered Book’ artworks as part of their Sculpture unit. This is a new unit of work here at Cabra and the results have been very exciting.

Students have created very original sculptures out of their books with some making very gruesome interpretations, i.e Pride & Prejudice & Zombies or even a very nightmarish Zombie hand emerging from a book. Many of these books were donated from the senior and middle school libraries at the college and with much excitement our Art students constructed their own re-interpretations of either the original story of the book or their own individual theme.

By the time all of the artworks are completed the Middle School library will be packed with around 60 altered books!


2 comments on “Altered Books

  1. Wow, your site has changed so much so fast. Thanks for linking to the other Cabra Library Blogs. I will send a pic to use for our link soon.
    Mr Bull


    a brilliant way to give old books a new life!

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